About Us

Business Development Director

Hasem Khalil

Hasem Khalil holds with honor a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in international business. He is a member of the Sigma Beta Delta International Honors Society for Business, Management, and Administration.

Hasem began his career as an agent in the international recruiting market for various industries. He created a wide strategic market plan for international job allocations and human resources. In 2001, Hasem moved into the field of furniture management and marketing, specifically dealing with international supplier chains.
He began working with NAFA Partnership, LTD in 2006.

Hasem is a corner stone in the marketing and establishment of various ventures and investment opportunities designed for major clients and small business.

Operation Director

Tom Shadi

Tom Shadi holds an academic background major fields of study, such as, business administration and computer science.He has worked with small businesses and large Fortune 100 companies, and is the founder and  co-founder of multiple organizations. While helping small business clients in taxes and business planning, he also served large organizations by developing software during conversion, testing, and design. Some of the clients he served include Exxon, Chase Bank, Enron, and Elpaso Energy.

During the past six years, his focus has been on the development and the improvement of Lizard Trading Software.

Our Principles

Smart employment of technology Extensively testing investment models prior to introducing to investors Transparency in performance and results Low cost of funds Maintaining fees not on load, but on profit sharing Excellence without compromise Flexibility and security over cash flow High performance, low over head.

Who Should Invest with Us?
  • You are interested in a secured and proven investment strategy to maximize your return.
  • You want to have the flexibility to withdraw cash as needed.
  • You want to converse with the principal who created the performance.
  • You would like to talk to someone about your retirement, maximizing return and tax saving.
  • You would like to see how profit it generated, how trades are made, and how risk discipline can be implemented.
  • You would also like to see how risk in stock market is reduced and learn how to make money in a down trend.
  • You want to see real, recorded, reported and explained performance.