NAFA Partnership, LTD is a fee-based investing and financial services firm that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. We are committed to providing objective opportunity and prudent strategies for investing. We provide retirement investment, risk management, opportunity offers, joint ventures, cash flow analysis, and investment management. Our fee-only approach allows us to serve you without compromise. We have over 25 years of financial services, investment management, software development and stock market trading experience.

A Low risk High return while maintaining the Liquidity of your investment (L.H.L.)

To develop and cultivate investment strategies via use of technology, while building on Lizard Trading Software’s tools and programs, to pioneer the investment industry.

A unique investment opportunity to accommodate the desired low risk investment that in turn yields a reasonable return.

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Holding Risk 3% 97%
Liquidity /Access 365 Days 78 Days